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5 Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using and Why

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5 Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using and Why

A majority of marketers say that social media marketing is a top priority in their current marketing plans. In fact, investments in social media advertising have skyrocketed to a whopping 30 billion dollars as of 2016.  Social media was once an entertainment tool, and it is now one of the most powerful marketing tools a company could use.

The issue is, with so many social media platforms out there, how does one know which one to invest in? It can get quite overwhelming to know where to start. But if it is so essential to the growth of a company- it is important not to waste our time investing in the wrong areas.

Back in February, we posted an article on leveraging visual social media to gain followers and increase sales. Since then there have been a ton of questions, and a ton of changes with social media, so we decided to do a followup.

1. Instagram

With over 800 million users as of 2017, it is no wonder why Instagram made it to the top of this list. Just like their slogan “A picture is worth a thousand words”, each optimized photo could bring you thousands of new customers.

From the visually appealing layout to the newer business accounts with detailed analytics, Instagram is sweeping the social media game by storm and reeling in more and more businesses. In fact, there are Instagram influencers out there that make thousands of dollars each week just by promoting brands that they like!

2. Youtube

An astounding 1.57 billion people are currently active on Youtube. It is tried, tested and true that companies with video content are 53 times more likely to get on the front page of a Google search. Using Videos can give you the chance of really connecting with your audience and showing what you are truly about.

Using videos builds a sense of trust and credibility with your market, and all you really need to start out is a good space and your smartphone. Upload your videos to your youtube channel, then start embedding those links within your website and share on the other social media platforms for full benefits.

3. Pinterest

With over 10 million unique visitors, Pinterest’s use of business accounts is quickly growing. The path from discovery to conversion on Pinterest is the quickest when compared to all the social media platforms. In other words, visitors on Pinterest convert more leads and sales than any other social media platforms.

Another reason why Pinterest is so great is that it will direct the traffic to your actual website, not just your Facebook page. This means less time wasted, and fewer chances that the possible customer will get distracted and bounce off the idea of purchasing.

4. LinkedIn

Building a great online reputation is the most powerful marketing strategy or asset that any business has, online or offline. That is exactly what LinkedIn does, it can help build your reputation and expand your professional network. It is said that word of mouth is everything to a business, so word of mouth from other professionals means so much more.

Connections on LinkedIn can grab you opportunities and professional trades that can lead to publicity, more work, and more professional opportunities.

5. Google+

It should be pretty obvious why it is essential for you to create a business account on Google+. First off, it is Google, after all. Everything you post on your Google+ account is immediately indexed by Google, this means that even if your website does not rank well (yet), your Google+ account can still rank on the first page of search results.

Also, with using Google+, you now have access to many other resources in one place. Hangouts, YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, Communities, Google Maps, and much more. Have you ever been to a business, then received a popup on your phone asking you to provide details or asking what you think of the place? That is exactly what it will do for your business too.

More about Social Media Management

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