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5 Signs You Are Made to Be a Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

5 Signs You Are Made to Be a Graphic Designer

By 2020, there will be a 13% increase in demand for a graphic designer. This career choice has endless possibilities, choices, niches, and there will always be a demand for more graphic designers. Graphic designers work in tv, news, online, magazines, and also can freelance out their own business.

How does someone know if they are cut out for graphic design? You want to make sure this is a right move for you if you invest time and money into an education.

If you want to get paid for your creativity, and always have a constant challenge for your imagination, then chances are you are made to be a graphic designer. Check out the top five signs that you are cut out to be a graphic designer. Read on…

1. You are Creative

Yes, this is a bit obvious, but really, you have to love embracing your creativity. If you feel that you see the world a bit differently, and always want to make everything around you more visually appealing, then you are a natural graphic designer.

This creativity also goes for problem-solving. The ability to think abstractly will help you accelerate your graphic design business, moving you to the top quickly. It is a very rewarding feeling to know you are literally being paid for your creativity if this excites you, then check out how to be a graphic designer

2. You See Designs Everywhere

Do you walk around and pick apart designs everywhere you go? Most graphic designers have a good eye for correcting other people’s work, and having the ability to know how to always make things better will separate you from the rest.

If you catch yourself walking around the grocery store, checking out the logos on labels, and rearranging shelf items, making them more visually appealing, you were born to be a graphic designer.

3. Details Matter To You

When communicating with a client, every single millimeter of your design has to be taken into consideration. If the pixels are just a bit off, then the finished product will not acceptable.

This also goes for details in the industry, if you love keeping up with the latest design trends and the psychology behind the design fascinates you, then this will be a very rewarding career for you.

4. You are Great At Time Management

A big majority of graphic designers work as a freelancer, which means they get contracted by companies to work for them individually and not as an employee. You get the advantage of not having a boss staring down at you, but that being said, this also means you need to manage your time well.

If you have great self-discipline and a dedication to getting the job done, like so dedicated that you may miss lunch to finish a design, that is a great sign that this is a great career choice for you.

5. You have Great Communication Skills

Having great communication skills can make or break your career as a graphic designer. You need to be able to communicate clearly what you are going to do, as well as repeat back to your client what you believe they are requesting.

Patience is your virtue in your career as a graphic designer, there will be times when you and your client are just not meeting eye to eye. This happens, and being able to be patient while communicating through these issues is what separates the good designers from the others.

Now That You Know You Are Meant to Be a Graphic Designer, Now What?

If you screamed “YES” to all of these five signs, you should probably check out some training on how to become a graphic designer.

Check out the Graphic Design and Branding Fundamentals Course, not only will you learn everything about graphic design, you will learn the psychology behind branding as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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