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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn To Code

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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn To Code

Careers that require coding skills are now making an average $22 000 more per year on average, more than tech careers that did not learn to code. This puts coding into the top 25 jobs of the future, because of the skills, knowledge, and mindset that most coders display.

We recently wrote an article, 5 signs that you should become a programmer, which has received a lot of inquiries from adults. One thing we did not cover in that, however, was the importance of coding for child development as well.

As we are now into the digital age, coding seems to be the new literacy. Coding is important for children to understand, as it teaches them skills in innovation, technology, and prepares them for the high demand in the tech industry- should they choose that route.

New games such as Minecraft are creating incredible results in the developmental stages of children. In fact, Minecraft is a very popular game that teachers implement into their classroom teachings.

Read on to discover the top 5 reasons why your kid should learn to code

1. Coding Builds Soft Skills

One amazing benefit of coding is that it strengthens verbal and written communication. Even better, it teaches logical communication, this makes complete sense if you think about it, as coding is learning a new language after all.

As coding gets more complicated, your children will also learn the power of focus and organization. As your child learns to code, they will encounter a time where they need to do debugging. This will develop a sense of resiliency as they learn to work through those new challenges.

Persistence also plays a role while your children learn to code. As they get more and more interested in their task at hand, they will be dedicated to seeing the challenge through to the end, thus building persistence and dedication.

2. Coding Teaches Problem Solving

When kids learn to code, they learn the process of taking a complex problem and breaking it down into smaller sections. Then learn how to organize and attack each small section logically. This is how a software engineer approaches problems, with computational, logical thinking.

3. Coding Improves Academic Performance

When kids learn to code, they also learn the skills of planning and concision. This will, in turn, improve writing skills as it helps understand the placement, structure, and order of writing. Some children are even using Tynker as a storytelling tool!

The skills of coding are also very transferable to mathematics, as they are applying computer-based math to real-world problems, but in a way that they enjoy. This introduces math as a fun skill, and also shows it’s importance into the real world.

4. Coding Boosts Creativity

You have probably seen tons of articles on how the current education model kills creativity. This not only affects your child’s ability to think outside the box but also can affect the future of our country, due to the lack of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Well, this will not happen with coding. Children learn through experimentation and creating their own solutions to the problem- thus utilizing their own creativity. This strengthens their brains as their creative skills are necessary for overcoming coding hurdles.

5. Coding Boosts Confidence and Empowerment

Nothing builds true confidence more than learning a new skill and getting better at it. Parents are reporting incredible boosts in confidence in their children as they work through problems and overcome them. Dominating a new challenge is a recipe for incredible boosts in confidence.

As children learn to code, they are learning to spread the knowledge and share their learnings with other children. This helps empower their community of friends to take on new challenges, learn new skills, and how to help each other.

Enroll Your Child In a Learn To Code Camp Today

Now that you understand the incredible results that children are experiencing as they learn to code, you are probably interested in enrolling them in a coding camp.

We have Minecraft camps that teach the skills of coding, that also incorporate the skills of team building and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our kids’ camps.



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