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5 Reasons Minecraft is Good For Your Kids

Do you have a youngster at home that loves to play Minecraft? So much so that they seem to live, eat, and breathe the building-block game? If so, you’re not alone. As of 2019, Minecraft has over 175-million players across the globe.

Many parents are concerned over Minecraft use by their child and wonder if the game offers benefits to their child’s education and development. Or, is it just mind-numbing fun?

If your child plays Minecraft, you already know how much fun the game is for them. But, did you know Minecraft play may also be beneficial to your child’s education?  Your son or daughter’s ability to read, write, and do math is likely improving while they craft their Minecraft empires.

Read on to find out five benefits your child can experience while playing Minecraft. If you’re looking for a structured environment for your coder, gamer or artist to learn useful tech and creative skills this summer, consider our Minecraft Tech Camp among our other Kids Tech Camps.

Minecraft Enhances Reading Skills

Minecraft keeps your child engaged with literacy as reading is an essential skill for users that play the globally popular game. To expand and grow their creative empire, Minecraft players must be able to read directions, instructions, and guides.

Reading skills are more easily enhanced when the reader enjoys the topic of their reading and have a genuine interest in the material. Kids that enjoy Minecraft have exposure to literature in a format that grabs their attention while enhancing their reading level.

Improves Writing Ability

Interacting with others online most often requires creating text of some sort, which primarily is writing. But instead of a pencil and paper, the writing medium for Minecraft is a keyboard and screen. 

Typing words, phrases, and even sentences are required for players to communicate with other game players in Minecraft. Kids writing skills benefit as they must type words to interact with other players in the virtual realm effectively.

Utilizes Core Math Skills

It should be no surprise that a game involving engineering and civic planning is great for firing up your child’s mental math receptors. Minecraft is a math-lovers dream; math is everywhere. The more a Minecraft player tinkers with their creation, the more exposure to essential math skills they receive.

Counting, estimating, addition, subtraction, and other core math skills are used in every session of Minecraft play. Determining the number of blocks needed, estimating space required for a city, or adjusting supply amounts for adventures, introduces math in a manner that is fun and appealing.

Engages Your Kids with History

What better way to teach history than let young learners discover it by actually building it? Minecraft allows players to make historically accurate landmarks, buildings, and even civilizations.

Players can delve into the past for a deep understanding of historical events and the surroundings where they took place. Minecraft Tech Camp is centered on primary education skills. This is ideal when avoiding the effects of “summer brain drain.” All while keeping kids engaged and entertained.

Encourages Creativity & Problem Solving

Minecraft involves problem solving and creativity, which are two very important skills. Being able to creatively plan, solve and anticipate are valuable skills not only for a successful Minecraft strategy, but for life in general. To enable your kids to grow these skills during the summer in a fun way is even better! 

Minecraft Tech Camp Builds Skills While Avoiding Summer Brain Drain

Determining what technology to expose your children to can be overwhelming and tiring. Concerns about online safety, screen-time limits, and potentially addictive behaviors are common when considering what role technology should play in our family’s lives.

But, avoiding technology is not the answer. Technology is present in almost every aspect of our lives and its presence is growing. Minecraft offers an entertaining and educational way to incorporate technology into your family safely.

Minecraft tech camps are a great way for your young gamer to become the ultimate Minecraft guru. At Q Academy in Victoria, we have Minecraft day camps at various levels that will keep your kids engaged and focused on learning new skills. If you want your kids to have a Free Minecraft Coding, you can visit Q Rangers. It is an online learning platform that is dedicated to impact the future by empowering today’s youth through tech education. An education technology school, it offers single or group online coding classes for kids, Minecraft, graphic design, comic creation, 3D animation, digital marketing, and photography among others to kids ages 6 to 18 years old. Q Rangers provides a comprehensive program that enables students to create and launch their own products.

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