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5 Health food myths that you should stop believing NOW

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5 Health food myths that you should stop believing NOW


Every where you turn around, there is a new health food trend. It is overwhelming how much information is out there, and how misguided it is. The multi-billion dollar health food industry has the most manipulating marketing and has people wrapped around their fingers, hoping that the next craze will be the answer to their health worries. Remember that labeling laws are very weak and also self regulated by the companies that produce the product. There are no laws to protect us from false advertising in the health food industry. Here are the top myths to avoid like the plague.


Health Food myth #1 – “Margarine is Healthier than Butter”

Absolutely… NOT! This one really grinds my gears, and makes absolutely no sense. Margarine has just about the same nutrient quality as the plastic container that it comes in! Avoid margarine more than you have ever avoided your ex boyfriend/girlfriends. Vegans, Earth Balance has a good alternative to butter, and it is much more healthier than margarine.


Health Food myth #2 – “Avoid Eggs, avocados and Coconut oil because of the fat and cholesterol”

Ok, this one really grinds my gears as well. I will not get too deep into it, but basically this is a whole bunch of mass manipulation and lobbying that has created this whole fear of cholesterol and saturated fats. Eating fats does not make you fat. In fact, eating fats will help your body let go of fats which will help you lose weight! Fat does have a higher caloric density than any other macronutrient (9 calories per gram). However, if you eat the right kinds of fat, it is actually super nourishing for your body, keeps you satiated, and is a great source of fuel. A lipo-burner (someone who uses fat for energy) has much longer lasting energy than a gluco-burner (someone whom uses carbohydrates for energy). Cholesterol is a pre-cursor of inflammation, so find the root of your inflammation and that should help with the cholesterol.

Whatever you do, put DOWN the items labeled “low fat”. This indicated that it is drowning in chemicals, which will cause a lot more havoc in your body.

Health Food myth #3 – “Superfoods have superpowers for your body”

Every time there is a new “superfood” craze, I literally cringe…and laugh. Just because the Amazonian women deep in the rainforest ate this special fruit, does not mean that it will be the miraculous answer to your never ending weight-loss problems. The answers to those problems lays within your mindset, NOT within a capsule of some kind of “special” jungle food. Yes, those superfoods do have some special micronutrients, but they are not a miraculous answer to help you with problems that lay deeper than ancient jungle berries.


Health food myth #4 – “It’s a salad, so it is healthy, right?”

Read between the lines on this one folks, a huge majority of salads are more unhealthy than the delicious burger selection you are avoiding at a restaurant. Have you ever read the labels on a bottle of caesar salad dressing? It’s crazy! Here is a few tips on how to look for a healthier choice:

  • Avoid creamy dressings, in fact- get your dressing on the side, or ask for lemons or limes.
  • Sugary roasted nuts, or dried fruits. Dried cranberries are like little sugar bombs.
  • Look for dark leafy greens and a rainbow of vegetable choices.
  • Avoid any breaded, deep fried meats/proteins, go for grilled proteins instead.


Health Food Myth #5 – Gluten Free as a “weight loss” trend.

This is a very convoluted health food topic. I truly feel that because of the mass genetic modifications, a huge majority of people are now actually gluten intolerant. Wheat is so far removed from the molecular structure of its original ancestors “Einkorn” and “Goatgrass”. Now those tall, beautiful flowing wheat stalks have been manipulated for size and are now grown as “dwarf wheat” so their kernels can grow larger without breaking the stalks! So, simply saying, if you have any discomfort whatsoever after eating gluten… I am sorry to tell you, but that is a sign that you are actually intolerant.

Now, as for the actual Gluten free products, they are NOT healthy just because they are gluten free! Sure, you will not get sickly bloated after eating them, but they are usually heavy in sugar and other types of refined flours. There is little to no nutrients in gluten free products, and usually very low dietary fibre. If you are craving some good quality G-free bread, go to a bakery that actually specializes in that product. In Victoria, I LOVE Origin Bakery and Sante Gluten free Cafe and bakery. They have top of the line quality made G-free baked goodies!


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