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4 Investments Worth Looking Into

Information holds exponential value because it is not lost after being shared. In fact in many ways as individuals we gain more from the information we share. Whether it be in arbitrary situations such as giving directions to a stranger or whether you are explaining a thesis to a colleague. When information is given away it is not lost. It can be either reinforced or challenged. Different from physical capital the information shared is not lost it merely continues to grow. Learning new information also reshapes the mind and gives us new insight on how to solve problems. Technology is apart of life and by learning about it and how it works these skills can allow the brain to relearn. Technology is a tool that shares and organizes information. It connects people, builds relationships, creates careers and opens a gate to further knowledge. Technological skills open up endless doors because these skills can blossom into careers, hobbies, and nourish intellectual pursuit.


1. Photography

Photography is more than just taking a picture. Everything from lighting to photoshop plays a role in the intent behind an image. The elegance and sophistication of an image plays a role in the amount and type of attention that image will receive. The techniques used to develop images and publish them online for different uses makes them appealing to audiences and other artists. Creativity is endless with photography, by learning the basics of a camera and getting one’s feet wet in Adobe Creative Cloud ideas can come to life.

Photography is a skill that can branch out to many different niches. Entrepreneurs can benefit by adding images to catch the eyes of clients. Images dominate over social media by attracting followers. Inevitably  branching out into different networks. Photography skills also make an awesome outlet for creative expression that can be very fulfilling and inspiring. Learning about photography is a skill set used in both the workforce, small business, and daily life. Whether you are presenting yourself to clients or colleagues.

2. Coding

Potential is endless in the coding field. Coding Javascript, HTML, and CSS gives you the ability to create online networks. Coding is a skill that will teach you how to problem solve. These skills strengthen your thinking process while challenging your mind and problem solving abilities. Coding is both an outlet for creativity and design as well as a vital tool in becoming well acquainted with the technological field.

Coding opens doors to both entrepreneurs, job seekers and aspiring freelancers. Entrepreneurs can benefit from opening an authentic website by building it from the ground up and having the knowledge to go on and pursue new connections. Learning this business language will make a resume stand out. Freelance is also a possibility which will allow a very flexible schedule. Coding in general is a versatile skill set with a high demand.

3. Digital Marketing

It is no secret that social media is an outlet for business building. Yet with so much out there, how does a post become noticed? The internet can help you attract clients. The numbers are there but how do you create attractive content? Digital marketing involves skills regarding social media, news feeds linked to emails, and search engine optimization which solves this problem. These skills help content hold a strong and noticeable presence on the internet. There is a challenge in getting internet users to get off social media and then to click onto something else.

Digital Marketing tools can be useful to anyone interested in gaining more of a presence on the internet. Businesses are interested in hiring people with the knowledge on how to grow clientele. While social media is also great for entrepreneurs who want to attract clients of their own. Learning more skills in digital marketing increases potential to attract others to an idea. This is key in developing anything from a business platform to a social network or both.

4. Microsoft 

Microsoft is a tool in itself. Whether you are building a spreadsheet or writing an essay understanding how to use microsoft can be a game changer. Microsoft is compatible for businesses and organizing personal life. It offers many different tools that can be turned into desirable skills in the workplace, academics, and personal finance.

There are numerous options to learning about Microsoft. Learning some of these systems are not only resume worthy skills but are also tools that can be used in everyday life. Microsoft excel for example aids in making calculations by using data to construct spreadsheets. This is a valuable resource for businesses but also personal life such as budgeting. Learning different microsoft programs can be a personal benefit to both the job market and daily living.

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