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New Vlog- A day in my life while living in Portugal!

The Fit Gypsy | Vlog | Digital Nomad

New Vlog- A day in my life while living in Portugal!


I am sure having a lot of fun creating videos, thank you to Q Academy and Guided Films for teaching me the skills! In this Vlog, I show you a typical day in my life while living in Lagos, Portugal. A perfect mix of adventure, fitness, and working online. There is so much to do here, especially if you are a nature loving person-so stay tuned for my next Vlog where I show you the absolutely stunning landscapes and more adventure that surround Lagos!


Everyone has been asking what it is like in Lagos, Portugal… well let me tell you, it is amazing!!!! So many options on where to exercise, which beach to chill at, and where to surf!! I am happy as a clam here. Speaking of clams, the seafood is amazing!!


In this episode, I show you how to make delicious protein pancakes from scratch, using what I have in the kitchen. Follow the instructions and make these delicious protein morsels for yourself! Then comment below and share a picture of yours!

With Love, Health and Happiness,

The Fit Gypsy



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