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10 Tips on marketing your small business

Marketing for Small Business Q Academy

Owners have so much to do when running a business, let alone learning how marketing their small business properly will bring in customers. Although it may be out of  their comfort zone, it is ONE of  (if not THEE) most important part of any business.

#1 Network

Network with other business owners. Whether it’s neighbouring businesses or businesses in the same industry as you, talking and networking with them is super beneficial to your business and to yourself. You get you and your business name out into the business community.

#2 Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know something. This is especially important when networking and meeting other business owners. If you don’t know something, ask another business owner if they do! Chances are they had the same question at one point in time.

#3 Use Social Media

Yes, today’s day and age is all about Social Media Marketing. Even if you aren’t comfortable being on Social Media personally, your business has to be! Being active on Social Media is a huge part of getting your business known to the surrounding community.

#4 Have Consistent names on all Social Media Platforms

Your business needs to have its own page separate from your personal page if you have one. Make sure that when you create a page on Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platforms that you choose, that your business name is consistent. All the information for your business has to be the same as well.

#5 Be Frequent

Make sure you or your staff post regularly on your social media. It can seem less daunting if you create a schedule and take turns with your employees posting business updates on Facebook and posting pictures on Instagram.

#6 Be Friendly

Having good customer service is such an important part of any business. It is the face of your business, and it gives customers a feel for what your business is like. If you do not enjoy customer service, hire someone!

#7 Reply to Comments

Replying to your customers or followers comments on social media is such a huge part of customer service. It shows that you are engaged and you care about what they have to say.

#8 Send Out Monthly Newsletters

Sending out monthly newsletters through customer e-mails is a great way of communicating current happenings with your business. Your customers may not have a need for your business at that time but it will keep you at the forefront their minds.

#9 Help Others

Help out other businesses when the opportunity arises. Become part of a group where you can, help answer questions, or support some sort of local cause in your town or city. Doing all of these help get your name out there while doing good in your community.

#10 Offer Existing Customers Perks or Free Product

Nothing makes a customer feel loved like receiving FREE products. Keep your loyal customers happy with perks or free products before anyone else, and they will never go anywhere else!

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