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Academic Refund

Cancellation Prior to Course

Training booked with Q Academy can be cancelled 10 days prior to the date of the confirmed start date. Q Academy will return the paid amount on the invoice less than 10 percent administration fee and cancellation fee based on the value of the training. Training cancellation request made within 10 days prior the training start date will be reviewed on individual basis and the following items will be taken into consideration:

Type of training 

  • Customized training and the amount of time already invested in the development of the course
  • Size of class 
    • 1:1 
    • Small group
    • Medium group
    • Large group
  • Terms of the contract if applicable 
  • Duration of the training

At this time Q Academy will provide the client with a detailed outline of the amended invoice based on the cancellation of the course.

Withdrawal From Active Course:

Courses withdrawals will be reviewed on individual basis and the following items will be taken into consideration:

Type of training 

Size of class 

Terms of the contract  if applicable 

Duration of training remaining

If a student is over the 50 percent mark of the course the full invoiced amount will be retained by . If a student is under the 50 percent mark a prorated amount will be returned to the student or client based on the considerations listed above.


Students or clients are responsible for providing Q Academy with their preferred schedule. We ask all clients to provide a minimum of 48 hours of any schedule change. In the event that this notice is not provided, our client will be charged a $50.00 rescheduling fee per day to a max of $150.00 for rescheduling. In the event that a client provides Q Academy less than 48 hours notice, the client will be responsible for a full day’s cost of training. This will be calculated based on the number of hours and days entered on the invoice.

NSF and Late Fee Policy

Q Academy will implement a $50.00 fee for all NSF cheques returned by the bank.

Students remain responsible for any outstanding balances. If their fees are not paid by the dates indicated in the student contract, interest and late payment fees will be charged.

 Students who have an outstanding debt to Q Academy, for any reason, will not be permitted to register for courses, be assessed for application to other programs, or receive any Q Academy credential or official transcript. Immediate withdrawal from classes may be enforced.

 If any account is overdue by more than 30 days, the applicant (the Student, or in the case of a minor, the parent or legal guardian) agrees to pay all collection costs, including: interest on the outstanding portion of the course at a rate of twenty-four percent (24%) per annum, reasonable attorney fees and a collection agency commission of up to 40%.

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